Prānāyāma with Peentz
February 6 (Wednesday) at 7:45 pm

Peentz Dubble
Class length
1 hour
This series is a continuation of the Pranayama series for beginning students.  You are welcome to enroll in this series if you have enrolled in  a pranayama series with Peentz in the past, or if you have taken pranayama classes with other teachers, or if you have your own pranayama practice.
In each class you will practice simple postures (asanas) which allow the body to relax and prepare for conditioned breathing.  As the body relaxes and opens, the breath moves more freely and the mind is gently guided inward to become quieter and more deeply focused on the subtleties of breathing.  
In this “moving along” series, we will refine the supine pranayamas learned before and continue to explore seated pranayama.  We will begin to practice Ujjayi, Kumbhaka, and digital breathing.
*Note:  As each class builds upon the previous one, drop-ins are not allowed except with permission of instructor.  You must sign up for the series.
**Peentz teaches an Intermediate Asana class prior to the Pranayama class (6-7:30pm).  You are welcome to attend both to deepen your practice.

Sorry - that class has already taken place!